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The Micro Chart Suite provides a full range of spark lines, micro charts, icons, text and shape indicators that can be deployed to create dashboards and scorecards that are both responsive and dynamic.

Micro Charts ExampleAll the components are available as Xcelcius© add-ins and come with a very powerful range of property editors allowing:

The charts include: Micro Line (Sparkline), Micro Area, Micro100Bar (StackedBar), Micro Bullet, Micro Column, Micro Bar, Micro Plot, Micro Pie, Micro Win Lose, Micro Traffic Light.

The suite also contains the Shape and Text Indicators. The Shape Indicator allows you to construct ad-hoc indicators or performance using either existing geometric shapes or external images.

The Text Indicators allow you to add alert colors to textual or numeric items in order to highlight problems or present warnings.

In addition to the core micro components, Inovista supplies containers such as the Micro Chart Data Grid and Tree Grid that allows designers to create customized presentations using logical groupings of these charts.

The Data Grids and Trees help you to manage many sub-component charts (often in the 100's) from within a single master component.

The micro charts can also be deployed within Inovista container type objects like the SVG Background. Once inside a container, it can be scaled, dragged around the Dashboard or hidden with the parent container. A typical usage would be to create buttons for a toolbar using the Advanced Image component.