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The Inovista SVG Components range allow designers to create functional Xcelsius components from Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files. All components come with a range of templates that can be used as is or further customized in products like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.

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The Floating Background - creates a background from an SVG image. The background acts like a popup window which can be shown/hidden, rescaled and relocated by dragging it on the dashboard. Note that you must have Xcelsius SP3 or later for the Floating Backgound. The main features are:
Speedometers and Gauges - allow designers to import artwork to create attractive data indicators or controllers that work like a standard slider but in a circular fashion. The main features are: Toggle Buttons and Button Groups - creates toggle buttons of just about any imaginable shape. The Button Group combines the toggle buttons so that grouped to setup checkbox and radio button functionality. Note that you must have Xcelsius SP3 or later for the Toggle Button Group. The main features are:

The add-ons can be deployed within Inovista container type objects like the SVG Background. Once inside a container, it can be scaled, dragged around the Dashboard or hidden with the parent container. A typical usage would be to create buttons for a toolbar using the Advanced Image component.

We hope to be continuously adding to our range of SVG Components and we are interested in any ideas for new add-ons. Please send your suggestions to